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Cradle Cap Sorted Duo

Cradle Cap Sorted Duo

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Combine the number one seller BEETL Baby Cream with our gentle Baby Brush to sort out your little one’s cradle cap. 

BEETL Baby Cream is also a great all purpose cream that provides a protective barrier that soothes and prevents irritated skin. Gentle enough for all ages and everyday use suitable for: Eczema, sensitive skin, psoriasis, cradle cap and irritated skin. 

The BEETL Baby Brush is the perfect grooming tool for your little one's delicate hair. Made from natural goat's wool, this brush is designed to provide gentle and soothing care for your baby's scalp. The soft and fine bristles of the brush are ideal for newborns and infants, as they effectively detangle and smooth out any tangles or knots without causing any discomfort.

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