Chloe Zara, mother of two, entrepreneur and innovator.

by Kirsty Beetl 12 May 2023

This Mother's Day, I had the pleasure of chatting to an old friend, Chloe. With two decades in the hair industry, Chloe is a mother of two, entrepreneur and innovator.

Before we jump into your incredible business success, we want to take it back to your childhood. How did your fondest childhood memories shape the woman you are today?

Coming from a creative family, my mother was into sewing as a hobby, she even made our school formal dresses, and to absolute perfection, copied from a picture. Watching my mum work hard all week and then put in the extra time to create our dream dresses was admiring and still to this day I admire how hard she works, always putting in extra hours. This has most defiantly shaped me into a hardworking, driven and determined woman.

When did you decide to branch out and start Chloe Zara Hair? How long did the development process take?

It had been a dream of mine for many years while hairdressing. In 2018 I started brainstorming what I would create, a hair oil was my dream product and the product that became the hero of the range. In 2019 my now husband and I worked closely with our NZ formulator to create the range and In 2020 we launched Chloe Zara Hair with four products.

What do you believe sets Chloe Zara Hair apart from other natural haircare in the market?

As a hair stylist for such a long time I had worked with so many brands, I knew exactly how I wanted my range to perform and how I wanted each product to feel. There are so many personal touches on the range. Chloe Zara Hair is natural and silicone free, which gives the range a new experience, we use natural oils to nourish and protect the hair and scalp. The ingredients used are commonly found in skincare, these ingredients have incredible benefits for the scalp and to maintain healthy, strong, glossy hair.

Where does your inspiration for your products come from?

A lot of skincare ranges have influenced the range, there are so many incredible natural skincare products on the market. I wanted to take this approach to my haircare range, the benefits are second to none.

As a business owner, you would have also experienced several challenges. What would you say has been the greatest challenge you’ve had to overcome with Chloe Zara Hair?

There are forever challenges, I feel like each week a new one arises. But a standout for me would be packaging, we had a pump on one of our products not perform as it should. However, I am proud of how quickly we fixed the issue. Another challenge is the juggle of being a mother to my two little boys, our youngest born in March this year. This will forever be a challenge to juggle both and feel like I’m doing the best I can as a mother and as a business owner.

What is the greatest piece of business advice you’d like to share?

Have a clear goal or business plan and to not give up. There have been days or weeks where I have felt like it’s all too hard, but you just have to find that inner strength, determination and passion to keep moving forward.

Now the fun part, what does your daily routine look like now you’ve got two beautiful boys and running a successful business?

If I’m completely honest I feel like I don’t have much of a routine just yet, my baby is still feeding around the clock and loves to contact nap, so Monday-Friday is getting my three-year-old to day-care and then focus on my baby and tackle some emails. I am so lucky my business partner is my incredible husband. He works from home with me three days a week so we can work on growing Chloe Zara Hair.