Bath time with our Founder, Kirsty Coates

Bath time with our Founder, Kirsty Coates

by Kirsty Beetl 23 July 2022

Our little ones have sensitive and delicate skin – it’s often irritated, itchy and dry.

Here’s a few simple steps you can take at bath time to help take extra care of their skin.

Bath time

It’s important that their bath isn’t too hot as their skin is delicate and susceptible to dryness. Bathing in a hot bath can contribute to eczema and irritate their delicate skin. 

Avoid soap if you can

Soap can contribute to dryness and itchy skin. When it comes to new skin, it’s best to use a natural oil that’s free of fragrances. Oils provide great benefits that are soothing, calming and great for bath time or just after. I put oil in the bath and my daughter loves a back massage after her warm bath using our BEETL Baby Oil.

If it’s your first time using a new oil, remember to test it on yourself first as well as a small patch on your little ones’ and wait 24-hours to make sure there’s no reaction.


After the bath, wrap your little one up in a beautiful fluffy towel and pat dry. We love BAINA towels in our house.

To keep the skin hydrated, use a moisturiser that suits sensitive skin. BEETL Baby Cream provides a protective barrier that soothes and prevents irritated skin. It's gentle enough for everyday use and is suitable for areas of dry, sensitive and irritated skin.

It also has a beautiful natural scent, leaving you and your little one moisturised and calm from the Lavender and Citrus.

Tilly loves to apply this herself now she is three years old and Miss Independent!

Choose organic sleepwear

I tend to choose fabrics that are soft, breathable and organic – this is so they don’t rub or irritate their skin. I like to go a size up so there’s some breathing room, especially during Summer.

These are a favourite in our house.

When it’s time to clean their clothing, use a gentle, fragrance-free laundry detergent to avoid any irritation. I noticed such a difference with Tilly's skin when we switched to a natural detergent.

With protection and love,

Kirsty Coates

BEETL Founder